Underarm flab is a common problem with most women. As a fitness trainer, you are likely to get inquiries from ladies about a suitable exercise module to tone and firm the underarm muscles. Combining regular kettlebell training with a wholesome diet and healthy lifestyle is one of the best ways to gain sleek and well-toned arms that can be flaunted with pride.

Although kettlebell workouts are total-body exercises i.e. they focus on all the major and minor muscles of the body, there are certain workouts that are especially beneficial for toning the muscles of the arms and reduce flab.

The Lying Triceps Extension

The lying triceps extension is excellent for working on all the three dimensions of your triceps uniformly. To do this, lie on your back and position the kettlebell about 6 inches away from your head.

Bend both elbows and grip the kettlebell by its handle with both hands. Contract the triceps and extend your arms to lift the instrument above the head. Lower the kettlebell slowly to starting position and repeat.

Overhead Press

This is another excellent kettlebell training workout that focuses on the shoulders while simultaneously toning a sagging underarm. It uses two kettlebells for double the fun and challenge.

Begin by either standing or sitting with the abdomen contracted and the spine straight. Grip a kettlebell with each hand and bend your elbows. Lift both kettlebells at shoulder height and then press overhead and hold in a locking position. Lower your arms slowly and return to starting position.

The Kettlebell Triceps Kickback

This is one of those rare kettlebell training workouts that focus more on the muscles of your underarm area. To do this, hold the kettlebell with your right hand. Bend at the hips so that the torso remains parallel to the ground.

Bend knees slightly and place the left hand on the left thigh in order to support your torso. Next, bend the right arm and place elbow next to your body. Now push the kettlebell backward by extending the straightening your arm. Squeeze the triceps while holding the kettlebell in position and return to initial position.


The Kettlebell Bench Press

The kettlebell bench press is another excellent workout that strengthens your torso while working on sagging underarm muscles. To do this, lie on your back with knees bent and feet placed flat on the ground.

Hold a kettlebell in each your hand and extend arms vertically upward. Lower both arms slowly till the kettlebells reach your chest. Now contract the triceps and extend the arms upward again to return to the starting position.

The Kettlebell Clean

This workout is one of the fundamental movements of kettlebell qualification. It is highly effective for strengthening your arms as you need to lift the kettlebell from the ground and place it in a racked position against your chest.

Good technique is vital to pop the bell into the racked position correctly. With regular practice and using a heavy enough kettlebell, you can certainly tone your biceps with this workout.