weight lossThe first step to selecting any program is to prioritize. You need to understand, and if possible record your present state first. Take your weight, and physical measurements. Then, prepare a diary or a spreadsheet, tabulating weekly progress for the above parameters. Join a 6 Week Body Challenge for Fastest Results

Also, take a picture of yourself. It may be silly or embarrassing too, but it will keep you motivated and also bring you great peace of mind if you are able to pull yourself through the entire process.

The next step is to decide and set realistic goals. Where do you think you will be in a month, two months, or three months? You’re not a professional and aren’t expected to know, but still try to make as intelligent a guess as possible without indulging in flights of fancy.

Write this down alongside the other stuff. No better motivator than your own goals. Also, all these factors will help you select a fitness program most suited for your needs.

Fear of the Gym

While the world of fitness doesn’t end or begin at the gym, gym routines do bring guaranteed and better results simply because they are defined by professionals.

However, if you are averse to the idea, there are a number of things you can do at home, starting from taking the stairs, progressing to simple and compound exercises. Then onwards, you could subscribe to online programs which help you through workout sessions through educational videos and other material.

For the 6 week weight loss program, there are a few organizations which would be willing to let their subscribers go through the regimen themselves, and provide the resources on DVDs or online. The world of fitness is all-encompassing. Don’t let your fears overcome your will.

Physical Condition

If you are in bad condition, are presently obese or are on recovery road from obesity, classic programs may not be suited for you. You may need to take a waiting period before starting these, and in that period, go through a few workouts yourself, to burn calories to start losing weight. Most fitness programs are detailed and will outline exactly what category of clients will respond to a particular program. You should get a full medical clearance to start the one meal a day diet. Read the fine print.

How do you respond in groups?

Many of these programs are indeed programs for groups, so if you are not confident or comfortable in groups, you will need to rethink the entire thing. If, on the other hand, you are comfortable, a number of avenues open up for you, ranging from group counselling sessions, to yoga, Zumba and a bunch of other stuff which you can do before, after or maybe even during the program.

The More You Read

Read as much as you can, so that you are well-informed about the program you are signing up for. See if it actually is for you, whether it suits your needs. See if it fits well into your budget as well as your time constraints. Read old reviews, so that you know it is effective. Give it a try. Do not give up easily. Even the most basic 12 week body transformation program will yield dividends if executed properly.